Contest Prizes AWAY!

By March 28, 2010 Articles 11 Comments

Contest Prizes
We think for the most part, when we set out to do something, we’re a pretty well oiled machine. We are wrong. “Hey let’s do a contest,” we said. “Let’s forget to get everyone’s emails included with the submissions so its easy to get in touch with the winners!” We obviously didn’t think it all the way through. So, after digging and cross referencing all known data about the the three finalists, we have successfully sent out the prizes to the enigmatic, but deserving winners. Thank you very much for your patience with us.

For the rest of you who entered, or thought about entering, here’s a quick look at the bounty. We’ll have more contests down the line once we can get our heads above water. But for now, we are going dark with the posts so we can finish up this years book. We’ll be back soon, but if you feel like saying hey, we’re still around.


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