CreatureBox 2.0

By January 3, 2010 Articles, Dave Posts 14 Comments

We began CreatureBox two and a half years ago almost as a dare. Could a couple dudes with stupidly busy lives pull off an art blog on a regular basis? We really didn’t have a clue but foolishly jumped into the deep end anyway. Thankfully for you guys, we’re still swimming.

Over the last year we knew the site needed a significant makeover. The previous design was getting more claustrophobic and the creatures didn’t have much room to bounce around and stretch their tentacles. Ultimately we felt a hybrid magazine layout would do the trick so we checked out some themes and began down the looong path of rebuilding the ‘Box.

Creature Features

The new digs provide us with an opportunity to group and post different types of content side by side for three times the creatures, all up in your face. The major sections include our illustrations (with the newest being “featured”), articles (like what you’re reading now), and comics. We also plan to explore new ideas that would have been tough to pull off with the old site.

In addition to layout adjustments, we’ve added a few more bells and whistles. The comments now support Gravitars and are “threaded” which allows everyone to respond more directly to the comments made around the site. We’ve also incorporated nesting pages which allows for more growth including gallery divisions and video. Finally, on the mobile side of the fence, we’ve installed WP-Touch to provide a simpler version of the site for CreatureBox’ers on the go.

As far as content, there’s plenty hidden throughout the site. So take a look around and see what might be lurking in the other pages.


We did our best to support as many browsers as possible. Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE8 all run great. IE7 runs well for the most part yet due to a lackluster javascript engine, the initial page load may take some time. For the record, IE6 is not supported – thank goodness.

At the end of the day, our goal continues to be focused on fending off hordes of intergalactic zombie squads, dismantling rogue robot battalions and providing the best experience possible. We’ll be working around the clock on new content, including new designs, articles, FAQs, and comics in the coming weeks so be sure to keep your eyes peeled. If you have any comments on the site (including bugs), please let us know, we’d love to hear them!

Ok, enough code babble. Time to dust off the drawing table.


  • Jake says:

    Well done! Viewing from my iPhone for the first time and was suprised to see the wptouch. You guys are first class.

  • Josh says:

    Awesome! Looking forward to another great CreatureBox year!

  • Guys, the new site is awesome! Love the paper toy and the iPhone wallpapers. Speaking of which, I was surprised to see the mobile version whilst perusing on the iPhone – nice touch to have it toggle on and off!

  • Funkfan says:

    Awesommme!!! It’ll take some time for me to look around and figure what’s placed where, but I’ve got all day. Looking forward to another great year of creaturebox. Please do not forget to add some more images to the wallpapers section. Optimus Prime’s gettin’ old.

  • Sme says:

    Great 2.0! I went download happy and can’t wait to build the paper toy.

  • Josh says:

    The new site looks great! I love the layout and all the little extras, like the new default avatars, for instance. Great stuff!

  • lkirkpatrick says:

    Love it! The magazine style totally works.

  • Mar says:

    If the ‘Box were to fall and it’s dark slimy ooze spill all over a dank bathroom floor, I would lap up the gooey dark matter like at the end of The Fly II. Mmm…CreatureBox ooze.

  • scott g says:

    Great new site guys :D
    Love the space. :)

  • Larry says:

    As everyone has said already, you guys never cease to lose the creativity. I look forward to almost daily visits to creaturebox to see what marvelous monsters and demons have popped up! Love the new space, it’ s….spacious!


  • dave says:

    Thanks guys! Greg and I really appreciate all the support with the redesign. It was a long time coming and we’re looking forward to stretching our legs a bit. More to come!

  • Aleksi Rokka says:

    So, I was curious.. When are the prints coming out that you had polls about? I’ve got loads of extra wall space to be used.

    The new site’s amazing never the less! <3

    • dave says:

      Hey Aleksi,
      We’re currently looking into the best way to provide prints. We hope to have something worked out pretty soon. We’ll do our best to cover your walls. Thanks!

  • Jason says:

    Love the functionality of the site. I’m curious, what service did you use to build it with? WordPress? Squarespace? Other?


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