Captain Starlight
Captain Starlight
A few years back Insomniac Games took a stab at a new game concept dubbed 1080Pinball. The goal was to make a rockn’ pinball game with a classic sci-fi flair. Even though the project never left the testing bed, I had fun with the concept art. To kick the project off, I explored some style directions — including guzzling a six pack of Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon.

More pinballastic images can be found at Insomniac’s Facebook page!


  • awesome sauce…I dig the 40’s style. Great job as always.

  • tad lambert says:

    Dude these are awesome. I love the retro feel of them. I think mixing the texture you addded to the first design with the second design would make a awesome addition to the piece. Give it a killer retro feel.

  • joseph hale says:

    Love the designs. Especially the retro feel of the first.

  • Gabrianne says:

    I loved the different styles! The first one look like something old, classic, i loved it! The last one is just like the cartoon style used for the animations nowadays, its not my favorite… and the middle one is just your style, guys! Nothing more, nothing less!! Awesome!

    Btw, in wich city/state is located the Insomniac Studios? Thanks! =)

  • Josue "krazyj" says:

    Really commend his style is unique and inspiring, very good!!! Saludos desde Puerto Rico! son los mejores!

  • Do you guys work in Sketchbook Pro soup to nuts or do you use Photoshop to achieve the texture effects like the halftones and scratched slash vintage feeling here?

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