Art for Hope

By November 27, 2011 Artwork, Greg Posts 5 Comments

Art for Hope
A little while back, our good friends at Autodesk asked if we would help support a project by VIZ Media to support the affected people in Japan when the tsunamis’ hit their homes. As you can expect we were honored and jumped at the chance to help out however we could! Dave and I both presented a piece and they will be included in an upcoming ebook published by VIZ Media through their VIZ Manga app on the Apple Store December 1st. This one is mine, but you should check out Dave’s bot too! If you think you have a little extra you can give to help those in need and love having fun art to look at, check it out! It may not be in the news any longer, but there are still a lot of people in Japan who could use a helping hand.

Below is a video of us doing some live demos at NYCC. It was a blast, and as an added bonus Autodesk was giving demos of Sketchbook Pro away with our Art for Hope images on the covers. Those guys are worldclass.


  • Joel says:

    I bought your last sketchbook! Awesome stuff. Love the vids. Even my art aspiring nieces (5 and 9) loved them. I bought sketchbook pro. Finally I got to see your mugs with the vids from autodesk. Do you think you guys will ever sell your custom tools from sketchbook pro? Or post the settings? Or both? BTW how the heck did you guys color your work so effectively via sketchbook pro without the use of photoshop? Is there something I’m missing? Awesome work as always! BTW you guys look much younger than I pictured. LOL

  • GabZero says:

    Great job guys, your work is amazing, I wish I could help with my art too.

  • Harold says:

    Everytime I see a video of you guys in action I get so inspired. I can’t believe you guys mastered this program so freaking well. I personally can’t mess with the coloring part of sketchbook pro so info all my colors in photoshop but man, I so wanna start doing stuff in Sketchbook. Thanks for the video. That was amazing.

  • Capt. Overlap says:

    Peeps at Blue Sky can’t stop talking about you today. I guess someone saw your zombie demo drawings and they’re being passed around with words like, “it’s effen magical.” and, “good Lord.”

    Don’t stop being magical, guys.

  • Hey guys, thanks for posting these videos and using your talents to help others. What a gift. And thanks also for all the inspiration!

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