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I have a terrible sense of direction. If you spun me around twice and pulled a sweater over my head, I’d be lost for days. Fortunately our space age world has provided all sorts of gadgets to help me find my way around. But what if I end up on some distant planet with spotty cell phone reception? The image above was based on the idea of having GPS bots who help map out new planets for all those directionally challenged space explorers. He’ll be making an appearance in the next Atmosphere strip (yeah, I fell off the wagon after one episode – how sad is that?? Thanks tax season.)

In other news, NC got a large helping of sleet and snow this weekend. I have to tell you, there’s nothing funnier than watching your wife slide down the yard riding a large Rubbermaid storage lid. Ahhh, winter!


  • Phillip B. says:

    I love it! :) The overall design and posture looks great. The compass on the front is a nice touch and I really like the colors you chose. I also think the idea of a GPS-bot is cool. Nice work like always. It makes me want to work on some robots I’ve been putting off. :P

    As for the weather, we got the same stuff here. But, maybe that’s because I live in the top part of SC. lol

  • Ben O. says:

    Great overall picture! I love the many nibs and nobs. The design is totally awesome, so much character!

    Y’know I’ve wanted to draw something with a compass in it’s belly for ages now and even was reminded of the idea last night! So you can follow your gut! Ah you beat me! ;) the coloured lines worked really well for this too.

    Love it!

  • Javier M. says:

    I know what it is guys but you have once again raised the bar with the color techniques.. AMAZING!

  • MAxflan says:

    Congratulations, very good website, and not to mention all the drawings.

  • MAxflan says:

    very goOOOOoood

  • Gabrianne says:

    I need a GPS too… Hope this robot could find me when I get lost lol He’s cute but If I see him at night I thinnk I’m gonna run, and probably find my way home with that… xD

  • david says:

    Very cool stuff nice detail u put into yo work <.))))<

  • Polysoup says:

    I LOVE your site. It really has been an inspiration. Been a long time lurker and I can’t be silent any longer. I draw what I have to at work (realistic game stuff), but then come home and drool over your guy’s work. Carry on!

  • AdamTemple says:

    Love the subtle texture on this one. Great design as always.

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