By September 20, 2009 Artwork, Dave Posts 8 Comments

Been a busy weekend in the studio but fortunately Fall is on the way. Cooler weather means getting the windows open so I don’t feel like I’m locked away so much. The only bummer is the gunshots going off directed presumably towards the deer. My wife and I spotted one this morning missing a leg hopping around in the woods just past our house. Nature certainly has a way of holding on. Journey onward valiant buck!

In other news, Greg and I are working on a couple interviews that should be hitting the web sometime soon…we’ll be sure to post some links.

Last but not least, if you’re an artist on the go with the iPhone, be sure to give Sketchbook Mobile a look. We’ve been beta testing the app for the last several months and I have to say the brushes continue to be smooth and the faux pressure sensitivity is very cool. Other welcomed features include layers, brush customization, and mirroring tools. Happy drawin’!


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