Ratchet and Clank: Cover 2

By July 22, 2010 Artwork, Dave Posts 9 Comments

Ratchet and Clank: Cover 2
Greg and I are still cranking away on the Ratchet and Clank covers – which puts us in a comic state of mind – which makes us miss the San Diego Comic-Con even more! We’re having a great time with the images and the creative team putting together the interiors are doing a wonderful job. If you’re curious, you can check out some samples over at IGN and the Playstation Blog. The whole shooting match starts up in September! Tell your comic shops folks!


  • mrichard says:

    Gezzus!! Wonder twin powers unite!! That RNC comic is the best idea since sliced bread. Oh… Some friends have gotten me into the Walking Dead series, which I’ve read ALL of so far. Pretty nifty story… art, meh.


    I really hope that sci-fi bokhandeln in sweden will take in this in there store.
    just love you guys!

  • geis says:

    damn that cover looks AWESOME… but that’s no surprise ofc ;p haha
    have to say, that honestly… when i saw your covers i was like: DAMN I NEED THOSE..
    but when i saw what the comic actually looks like.. i somehow was pretty dissapointed that it wasn’t as awesome as your stuff D:
    anyway ;D keep the good cover-work up ;D!

  • clinton says:

    Looks like Clank is trying to tell Ratchet something, but Ratchet is too busy with a colossal robot to listen..lol!

  • Benjamin says:

    Please tell me that these covers are also going to be released as posters or canvas prints. The quality of the artwork begs for it (BEGS I SAY!) to be on show on something quite a lot bigger than than a flimsy paper cover on a shelf.

  • TK Gentry says:

    Hey guys! Awesome job on the covers!! I saw one of the artists that is doing the interiors at Comic Con and it looks tremendous! Can’t wait to buy em’ up!!!

  • Titan Clank says:

    Looking AWESOOOME! Creature Box really knows how to gild your day: with kick-ass covers and concept arts!

  • OtakuMei says:

    I’ve been looking for these comics but none of the bookstores in McDonough, GA seem to carry these comics.

  • mlp-fm (deviant name) says:

    i love those comic books realy realy mutch

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