Slugterra Development: 4

By January 6, 2013 Artwork 4 Comments

This week we delve into the Slugterra character designs for the Hooligan Crew, a group of thugs that are always up to no good. And you know you’re in for a good day when you’re asked to concept a robo Hyena.

Hooligan Development

We’ve also been working away on tons of sketch commissions for the Monster Volume Kickstarter Campaign. It’s been a nice break from the computer and we’ve tried to turn the Crazy Knob to 11.

Kickstarter Sketches
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And don’t forget, our monstrous Digital Collection of our sold-out sketchbook series is hanging out in the shop! Make your mom proud!


  • Eli says:

    These designs are crazy! Love the color pallets and shape language. Definitely some inspirational artwork.

  • Laker says:

    Hey Doods,

    Loving the Slugterra development!! I am currently doing some design work for a Toy Fair coming up in Melbourne Australia – Slugterra will be one of the new toys being showcased.. to my joy I was asked to download the brand spanking new art assets for Slugterra.. After following your development on this blog, I was quite pumped about this, only to discover that it seems post development have ripped the soul from all artwork and left it looking, well, not as good as it could… if only you boys could do it all..

    • Noah says:

      Oh man, my thoughts exactly. Not sure how something so amazing can be turned into something so… um… less than amazing should I say?

      I guess things get sanitized as they get passed through the system but it really is unfortunate. I could only imagine how awesome a cartoon would be if it stuck to these original concepts.

  • Igor Colares says:

    Sure the concept are better than the final work. Its crazy, but its the truth. Well, I’m sure the 3D peolple at the animation studio work very good, but the CreatureBox style is outstanding!

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