The Fall

By September 26, 2007 Artwork, Dave Posts 4 Comments

The Fall
It’s tough to believe Fall has started. Time sure does fly.


  • Kevin Myers says:

    That’s great! I love how you cropped the preview pic.

  • Jeff Kunze says:

    I love the curves of the hulks back going up to the top of his head then around. Great work as usual!

    So is all the work you guys post on this site not related to your full time jobs? Is this all work you guys do on the side?

  • dave says:

    Thanks guys.

    Jeff: About 99% of the images on the site are created during our own time. Every once in awhile we may put up some released concept art from Ratchet Future but the majority of our free time goes towards creating images for the site.

  • Thom Trainor says:

    I have got to have a wall full of your stuff – I’d never get tired of gazing at it…

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