Thorndyke Call to Arms!

By February 21, 2010 Artwork, Greg Posts 9 Comments

Thorndyke Call to Arms!
It’s getting close to the end. The Thorndyke paper-toy submissions end at the end of this month. When we first attempted this contest, Dave laughed at me and said, “Careful, we might only get one entry!” How wrong he was…we got FOUR!!! Pretty dismal. So I am appealing to your childlike desires to steal your mother’s scissors and your older brother’s glue and get crackin’. The four entry’s we do have are pretty hilarious, so be warned…but if you like free stuff, and you’re willing to put a little hard work in, you might find yourself on the receiving end of one of these prizes!! Here’s a link to the original Thorndyke Contest post if you haven’t seen it before. GO FORTH AND CRAFT!


1st place receives an original drawing by both Dave and I for your refrigerator.

2nd place receives 2 mini prints from the CreatureBox archives.

3rd place will receive a signed copy of 2009’s sold out Palindrone Robot Supply book from our personal stash.


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