Freshly Waxed Tentacles

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Welcome to the brand-spanking new! For the last year we’ve been thrilled at the support we’ve received on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. As you can imagine, while these new media are amazing for sharing glimpses of our latest work, we wanted to get back to what made CreatureBox what it is today: a playground for monsters, spacemen and robots to run wild.
So while we were packing Monster Volumes in a musty warehouse, we concocted plans to reconstruct our home-base from the ground up. We wanted it to be bigger, stronger, and able to play nice with everything from super computers to mobile devices. We wanted to share even more adventures and most importantly, we wanted jump deeper into comics!
If you’ve been with us for a while, welcome back! If you’re new to our work, we’re thrilled to have you along for the ride. Take a walk through our backyard, and have a peek at our new features:


For the first time, the entire site has been designed to work across all devices from smartphones to tablets to desktops. It’s like having a monster in your pocket!



From intergalactic heroes to super slugs, our portfolio now includes dedicated pages for all sorts of projects allowing us to share more work and grow into the future.



The site now features a full comics system which makes great use of tablets (give landscape mode a try!) Kicking off our weekly episodes is Making Friends, a tale of a robot named Frank and his search for friendship.



Hot off the presses, SHRED features over 60 pages of our traditional artwork torn from the art table. Sketches, pen & ink and marker work–it’s all here in a lush landscape format. Be sure to check our shop for more info and a special launch day price!

So this has been a long winded way of saying we really care about creating new experiences and telling some silly stories. We’re excited to see what 2014 has in store–thanks for joining us on the next chapter of this crazy adventure.
–the creatures
As I talked through some of these thoughts with my wife, she pointed me to an extremely thoughtful post by Frank Chimero. It’s a great read for both creators and viewers on the state of the internet.


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