StoryTellers: Episode 1

By October 6, 2010 Comics, Greg Posts 2 Comments

StoryTellers: Episode 1
As promised, the debut of a 6 part web-comic based on the StoryTellers is starting this Wednesday and will show it’s ugly mug every week ’til episode 6. We’ve been dinged for not finishing any of our comics on the site, and rightly so. So seeing if this strip wraps up is an added bit of intrigue! Here’s to pulling all-nighters!


  • Titan Clank says:

    I’m looking forward to se this comic! Loking cute and ruff and really Creature-Box-looking awesome!

  • Ion Chirita says:

    Hi, guys! I admire your work, i think is the best !
    can you please post more timelapse videos ? They are great! I’m trying to emulate your style and it would be very helpful.

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